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Expertly Designed

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Expertly Designed

The RecW's programs are expertly designed to cover the wide range of skills and knowledge involved in Music & Event Production.

Digital workstation and analog console operation, microphone selection and placement, tracking session setup and workflow, vocal comp and tuning, drum editing, post-production, sound for movies and streaming, mixing, re-mixing, mastering, sound design, restoration - these are just some of the studio skills learned by The RecW students.

The RecW includes hands-on training in the world of Event Production. Classes take place in a real 500 seat historic theatre. (The Majestic Theatre in downtown Chillicothe, Ohio). Students learn to properly set up and tune PA systems, hook up stage power, mix front-of-house and mix in-ear and stage monitors. This training also includes the set up and operation of professional stage lighting (programming, DMX, movers & more). Video camera operation and switching, along with broadcast audio, provide the necessary elements to round out the curriculum as students live streaming the shows.

Music business entrepreneurship, copyrights, creation and ownership of beats and mixes, monetizing your production skills, studio acoustics and design - are a few of the broader topics included in the curriculum.

The CORE and ADVANCED Programs both offer extensive practical experience in learning these creative skills.


Our Curriculum

Our ever-evolving curriculum includes updates to Avid ProTools, Apple Logic, DOLBY ATMOS and Davinci Resolve fundamentals. LIVE EVENT audio, lighting & streaming… Midas, Chamsys, and Black Magic Design Controllers. Real concerts in a real theater - produced by you!

CORE Program

5 weeks - 200 hours

The CORE Program is the foundation for all The RecW students. It is highly immersive (5 days per week, over 7 hours per day), and sessions are offered year-round with start dates every 7 weeks. Each day is a combination of two lectures and 3-6 hours of project work in the studio. The training is extremely hands-on and creative.



2 weeks - 80 hours

The ADVANCED Program is an optional extension to the CORE training that allows students to deepen their studio skills. The ADVANCED projects put increased demands on the students’ shoulders as they handle all aspects of session work. The ADVANCED Program is offered 7 times per year, and is usually taken in sequence right after the CORE Program.


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What People Say About The RecW

Such an overwhelmingly positive experience. I’m truly going to miss this place and all the cool people I met here, instructors included. You will not regret your decision to come here.

– Stale Media

What People Say About The RecW

I'm finishing up with classes in a few weeks. I'm excited to get back home and put to use all that I've learned so far... I'll be leaving here more confident and armed with knowledge that's already paying off.

– Scott D.

What People Say About The RecW

Great school for digital, analog and live sound training. Also sound for picture. The education you receive for the money is the best you’ll get anywhere. The alumni speaks volumes.

– J Dub

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