Financial Aid


The ‘RecW Continuing Education Scholarship is a new alumni-funded program designed to assist Core Program Students with the opportunity to continue their education in THE ADVANCED PROGRAM. Eligible candidates will demonstrate exceptional passion, aptitude and attitude.

‘The RecW Continuing Education Scholarship’ was inspired by our FIRST DIAMOND SPONSOR ~ the family of Alumnus Josh Keith (Early Fall 2002 / Co-Owner of Prime Recording & Nashville Mastering). We sincerely THANK the Keith family for their inspiration and demonstration of confidence in The RecW experience and for supporting the next generation of entertainment technology professionals.

Several sponsorship levels are available, but contributions in any amount will be gladly accepted and applied 100% to ‘The RecW Continuing Education Scholarship Fund’.

Sponsorship Levels

Diamond - $10,000
Platinum - $5,000
Gold - $2,500
Producer - $1,000

The RecW would like to once again THANK Josh Keith and the Keith Family for their kindness in ‘paying it forward’. They have been instrumental in getting ‘The RecW Continuing Education Scholarship’ off the ground to assist students in chasing their dreams and achieving their goals launching successful careers in this multi-faceted industry for which we have so much passion.

If you are interested in contributing to ‘The RecW Continuing Education Scholarship’, please contact us at: 740-835-4455 or email

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The RecW Student Loan

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The RecW Student Loan

The RecW is pleased to offer a unique option for financial aid. The RecW Student Loan is a tuition loan program designed to help those who have found it tougher to get assistance through traditional sources.

Application Form

What is different about The RecW Student Loan is that it enables students (and their co-signer) to work directly with us.

This is possible because The RecW Student Loan is a financial aid option that looks more towards the future rather than the past. Approval is largely based on students showing they have a plan to smartly use the skills and knowledge gained from an education at The RecW.

Instead of submitting extensive financial records, applying for assistance through The RecW Student Loan Application involves a written questionnaire that lets the student express their professional goals and demonstrate their focus.

The RecW knows the success that is possible through the combination of our training bundled with the efforts of a well-focused graduate. We know what our grads can do.


Our Curriculum

Our ever-evolving curriculum includes updates to Avid ProTools, Apple Logic, DOLBY ATMOS and Davinci Resolve fundamentals. LIVE EVENT audio, lighting & streaming… Midas, Chamsys, and Black Magic Design Controllers. Real concerts in a real theater - produced by you!

The RecW Student Loan Application

  • Borrow $1500 for 18 months (Tuition credit applied to CORE Program) - OR - Borrow $2000 for 24 months (Tuition credit applied to CORE Program + ADVANCED Programs).
  • If you get approved for the $1500 loan for the CORE Program, you can decide later if you also want to take the Optional ADVANCED Program and receive an additional $500 credit.
  • You must be a US Citizen and be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a Registered Student for a session of The RecW CORE Program with your $315 down payment on file. Applying for The RecW Student Loan is a separate process from registering to attend a session of The RecW CORE Program. Your RecW Student Loan Application can be sent in along with your CORE Program Registration Form, but the Registration Form must be accepted before your RecW Student Loan Application will be processed.
  • Interest rates vary by individual . Monthly payments on this loan average $99
  • There is a limit to the available RecW Student Loan funds on a per-session basis. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the start of classes, but an earlier submission is strongly suggested.
  • If your RecW Student Loan Application is approved, you will be contacted and asked to accept the loan offer. If you accept, you must then fill out the loan agreement in order to complete the process. This must be completed and signed before your loan can be finalized.
  • You must have a cosigner.
  • Your first payment is due 30 days after your last day of classes at The RecW.
Application Form
Other Financial Aid Options

The RecW makes every effort to keep tuition affordable. Even so, some students need financial aid to make training possible. Federally backed student loans are designed for longer-term study and do not apply to the short-term programs we offer. However, alternative funding is sometimes available through other government programs and special interest organizations. Eligibility requirements for these financial assistance programs vary greatly. Contacting your local employment services office is the best way to explore if any of these funding sources are available to you.

And here’s some honest insight about Financial Aid in general:

Lean and efficient is the smart strategy. And The RecW is very lean and efficient. It makes us dutifully concerned when we hear how much loan debt some schools pile on their students. This career path does not require putting yourself under that crushing load.

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What People Say About The RecW

Such an overwhelmingly positive experience. I’m truly going to miss this place and all the cool people I met here, instructors included. You will not regret your decision to come here.

– Stale Media

What People Say About The RecW

I'm finishing up with classes in a few weeks. I'm excited to get back home and put to use all that I've learned so far... I'll be leaving here more confident and armed with knowledge that's already paying off.

– Scott D.

What People Say About The RecW

Great school for digital, analog and live sound training. Also sound for picture. The education you receive for the money is the best you’ll get anywhere. The alumni speaks volumes.

– J Dub

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