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2 weeks - 80 hours

The ADVANCED Program enhances the experience of CORE Program grads. With a strong foundation in place, the finer points of production can be more deeply exercised in ADVANCED session work.

Recording Workshop Studio A

Students become faster and smoother in hardware and software operation. They gain increased confidence and an assertiveness to tackle bigger projects. They gain more abilities in the role of music producer. The ADVANCED experience is an effective bridge between the working in an academic setting and the demands of the “real world”.

For students who want to build and operate their own project studios, the ADVANCED curriculum includes studio acoustics, DAW system design and setup. The program also teaches how to locate common points of failure in a recording system and how to fix these problems – skills that can save the day when things crash and burn.

The ADVANCED Program is offered right after the CORE Program. Each day includes extensive studio experience along with lecture activity.

Recording Workshop Studio E

Advanced Recording Sessions

ADVANCED students work with our most select bands. The sessions run longer than in the CORE Program, and teams see song projects through from start to finish. The teaching style is different too. Our instructors sometimes refrain from talking in technical terms, and instead approach the sessions like a non-engineering producer. This emulates the real-world scenario where engineers have to interpret the desires of a non-technical creative partner. For some session work, students take the lead on all production decisions, with the instructor stepping in only if there’s a major problem.

Advanced Production

After tracks are recorded, but before final mixing, there are crucial production steps that can make a huge difference. Some are simply a “clean-up” of the tracks that make the downstream workflow easier to manage and pass along. Other pre-mixing production processes can be far more radical - taking those recorded tracks and twisting them into alternate versions that can give a song its defining signature.

Advanced Mixing Sessions

Having raised the bar during recording and applying any subsequent production processing, the tracks are tighter and more polished for mixing. For some of these mixing sessions, our instructors steer the process in the role of heavily involved producer. And for other mixes, instructors pull back to give students all the responsibility for outcome.

Advanced Mastering

Building on top of the experience in the CORE Program, ADVANCED students deepen their skill in preparing mixed material for delivery to various distribution paths. iZotope’s Ozone software is the primary tool used for these studio activities.

Advanced Music Score Project

Students create a music bed to compliment and enhance the emotional impact of a promo trailer for a video game in this extensive, multi-part project. It features a deep emphasis on using virtual instruments and MIDI performance loops. Students also gain skills in moving tracks between the DAW environments of Logic Pro X and Pro Tools.

Advanced Sound-for-Picture Project

These classes build upon the project experience of the CORE Program. The ADVANCED sound-for-picture project is much more complex and involves many more sound elements needed for an extended movie scene. Mixing the audio in 5.1 surround is another distinction of this advanced project.

Advanced Student Music Project

In the CORE Program, student music projects lean towards a “band” approach to song creation. In the ADVANCED Program, student music projects utilize more MIDI production technologies that can supplement the “band” approach.

System Install/Setup

Students gain experience in proper system hookup and cable management. Once it’s all connected, there are initial settings of hardware and software needed to get it all operating smoothly.

System Troubleshooting

Failure points are created in audio systems for students to find and fix. Coached to use logical flowcharts and the process of elimination, students get more skilled and faster at uncovering these problems.

Room Tuning

The interaction of audio monitors with room dimensions, surface treatments and corrective signal processing is measured and optimized using reference microphones and analysis software.

Lecture Topics

Advanced Recording
Advanced Production
Advanced Mastering
Advanced Virtual Instruments
Advanced Logic Pro X
Studio Design and Acoustics
DAW System Design
System Install and Setup
System Troubleshoot

Recording Workshop ADVANCED

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